vHGG18 will take place October 17, 2020 starting at 1:00 PM Eastern US time

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS (subject to change)

1:00 Stephen Bennett a tune and brief opening remarks (Connecticut)

1:10 Music from our scheduled 2020 feature performer: Jon Pickard (UK)

1:50 Tour of The Miner Museum (California

2:35 Music from Sean Martin (Texas)

2:50 Music from Martin Pleass (Wales)

3:10 The Harp Guitar in Social Media with HGG’s intrepid reporter – Tommy Loose (UK)

3:30 Music from Jamie Dupuis (Canada)

3:50 Music from Andy McKee (Kansas)

4:00 Break for 20 minutes

4:20 The Luthiers Forum – hosted by Mike Doolin (Oregon)

Luthiers Fred Carlson (California), William Eaton (Arizona), John Littel (Washington), Benoit Muelle-Stef (Belgium), Dave & Tone Powell (Idaho), and Chuck Thompson (Tennessee) will each give a brief presentation.  A Q&A will follow.  Viewers will have ability to send a question to Mike via the Webex platform.  He’ll serve as the Question Coordinator and select which questions to ask.  

Social Half Hour

This falls under the heading (subject to change) noted above:  We were hoping to fit this in but realize now that it will be very problematic technically – and thus very unsatisfying for you.  Sorry about that.  However you should be able though to be communicating with each other via the chat function on your screen.

6:00 The Arrangement Challenge

For this year’s Arrangement challenge (or, as one of the participants dubbed it, “the Tune-Butchering challenge”) we asked Muriel Anderson (Tennessee), Claude Laflamme (Canada) and Andy Wahlberg (Florida) to work up an arrangement of the O’Carolan harp piece “Si Beag Si Mor”, also known as “Sheebeg and Sheemore”.  We sent them the basic melody a couple of weeks ago and asked them to take it from there, video-record themselves playing the arrangement and include any thoughts or comments they may have.

6:30 SB gives closing remarks 

6:45 Finale – The Water Is Wide

7:00 We are finished and offline